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For best quality • For best taste and scent, do not leave the coffee cold and drink it immediately. • Keep coffee bean in the airtight container without high humidity.


It is derived from sencha roasted twice to deliver superior aroma and unique brown colour of quality houjicha.


Individual Set


• Suitable for those who like strong coffee. Suitable for cold coffee
• Net weight 500 grams.


How to use: Use a clean, dry spoon to scoop 1-2 teaspoons of booster Hillkoff powder into the mixture before or during cold blending. Storage method: Store in a dry place. If the bag is opened, it should be stored in a vacuum container. Net weight: 1,000 grams The booster powder does not have to dissolve. • Slow down the separation of smoothies. • Add smoothness and softness to beverages containing milk.

  • The lower pot is made of alloy material, and the upper pot is acrylic, high toughness, not easy to be broken 
  • Easily monitor the entire brewing process with the transparent container, more interesting, easier to control the process 
  • Detachable design, easy to clean after coffee making and convenient for serving or storage for next time use 
  • One power button operation, easy to use. Large capacity of 300ml, you can serve about 3 people at the same time

Double Mesh Plunger Milk Frother w/ spring 400cc


Material: Stainless Steel