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Double Wall 700ml Cup


Ratika Coffee Aor Ma Lee Blend 500 g. • Aormalee : Deep Complexity. • Secret technique for smooth and flavourful taste. • Complex harmony in taste of espresso shots. • Special blending and roasting techniques resulting in uniqueness in taste and flavour. • Mild body and rich in Chocolate scent. • Net Weight: 500 g. For best quality • Please seal the coffee bag or keep coffee bean in air-tight container after open. • Please keep coffee bean in low humidity for long lasting shelf life. Tips • Choose the proper grinding size to match with your brewing method for the best taste of coffee. • Use ground coffee right after coffee grinding or keep in locked container to keep the best taste and aroma.


Stainless Steel Container Box using for beverage powder & topping ingredients.


HOLY CHAI is inspired by cafe's culture. Every sooting sip is perfectly smooth and velvety drink, by masterfully blend of aroma ingredients.This is the one simplest pleasures that you can enjoy everyday.Distinctive flavors and always delicious, Chai spice put on the finest into your cup in the easiest of way.
100% imported raw materials
100% imported products
Low caffeine / 0% trans fat
Formulated from Australia
Australian quality control standards
For all cafe residents!
Easy to drink anywhere Do it yourself at home




Kawami matcha 100% is all natural with no colour or flavour additives. It delivers intense tea taste with a hint of floral aroma and in emerald green colour.


Stainless Steel Container Box using for beverage powder or topping ingredients.