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Add an instant taste of richness in flavour to the beverage that you serve.


Advice • Choose the right grinding size for the brewing method for the desired coffee flavor. • After ground coffee, use immediately or store in a covered container for the best flavor and aroma.



- 1 pack: 10 pieces gas chargers

- 11 pack: 110 pieces gas chargers

- 1 carton: 36 packs gas chargers


For best quality • For best taste and scent, do not leave the coffee cold and drink it immediately. • Keep coffee bean in the airtight container without high humidity.


• 100% Thai Arabica coffee including beans from various northern regions.
• Small Dee, full flavor, chocolate, cocoa. At the end, it smells lightly floral. Delighted with the identity of authentic Thai Arabica coffee.
• Roasting Level : Medium Roast
• Meticulous selection. Special care at every step by state-of-the-art Color Sorter
• Suitable for Espresso, French Press, Drip Coffee.


HOLY CHAI is inspired by cafe's culture. Every sooting sip is perfectly smooth and velvety drink, by masterfully blend of aroma ingredients.This is the one simplest pleasures that you can enjoy everyday.Distinctive flavors and always delicious, Chai spice put on the finest into your cup in the easiest of way.
100% imported raw materials
100% imported products
Low caffeine / 0% trans fat
Formulated from Australia
Australian quality control standards
For all cafe residents!
Easy to drink anywhere Do it yourself at home


Up to 600ml water 



• Coffee bags should be closed tightly or stored in a tight container after opening for best taste. • Coffee beans should be stored in places with low humidity for best quality.