Hillkoff Arabica Special Wet Process : I2+ , Italian-French Roast (500g)
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Brand Hillkoff
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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• Coffee bags should be closed tightly or stored in a tight container after opening for best taste.
• Coffee beans should be stored in a place with low humidity for best quality.

• Choose the right grinding size for the brewing method for the desired coffee flavor.
• After ground coffee, use immediately or store in a covered container for the best flavor and aroma.

• 100% real Arabica coffee, premium quality coffee beans.
• All beans are selected from coffee, ripe red cherry (Coffee Cherry) processed with a standard Hillkoff Wet Process process.
• With the Wet Process, the results of the coffee smell clean. 
• Special Roast: Medium - Dark (I2 +, Italian-French Roast), a unique recipe that is perfect.
• Thanks to the special roasting process, it gives a rich, aromatic taste.
• A new alternative for those who enjoy aromatic coffee. Sour on the tip of the tongue And a deep taste to the heart Can create both hot coffee menu.

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